Manufacturing Alignment Engineer

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Azienda: Randstad Italia Spa
Data annuncio: 21/06/2021
Sede di lavoro: Roma

Randstad Italia spa, In-house division, is searching a Manufacturing Alignment Engineer for a customer company in the aerospace industry.


  • Supports co-engineering phase for definition of alignment requirements alignment plans for S/C and relevant S/S on-ground activities.

  • Use of industrial theodolites systems and preparation of calculation sheets for alignment angular evaluation.

  • Use of LEICA and API laser tracker systems

  • Use of GSI photogrammetry systems including setup definition and realization.

  • Use of measurement software Spatial Analyzer for alignment activities with Laser trackers and Photogrammetry

  • Use of measurement software V-Star for measurement with Photogrammetry systems

  • Define and realize measurement plans according to measurement accuracy requirements

  • Preparation of alignment procedures according to ECSS standards

  • Preparation of measurement accuracy and uncertainty budgets

  • Preparation of measurement reports according to ECSS standards

  • Use of Excel and Matlab for development of calculation routines for development of routines for data processing and analysis.

  • Perform measurement data processing for alignment evaluation

  • Lead all mechanical adjustment activities necessary to reach requirement

  • Concurs to the preparation of technical proposal for Alignment AIT activities, in the quotation process

  • concurs to the Program Industrialization phase

  • manage the Overall Alignment activities as Test Conductor

  • Chairman of test reviews as required

  • Supports Mechanical Design Department for verification and evaluation of structural deformations on MGSE

  • Development of specific measurement routines for thermal distortion evaluation

  • Supports RF team for alignment of antenna optics for tests in NFTR and CATR

  • Consolidated knowledge of Analytic Geometry, rational mechanic, statistic, trigonometry and physic

  • Basic knowledge of theory of structures

  • Experience in the use of theodolites, photogrammetry systems and laser tracker system

  • Knowledge of use of Laser Radar systems

  • Knowledge/Experience of Alignment Procedures preparation at S/C and S/S level

  • Knowledge/Experience of accuracy/uncertainty budget calculation for measurement setups

  • Knowledge/Experience of Antennas Optic alignment from Assembly to final RF tests.

  • Knowledge/Experience of alignment tests in NFTR and CATR

  • Knowledge/Experience of use of MATLAB and EXCEL

  • Master degree in Mechanical Engineer or equivalent

  • Good knowledge of English in writing and speaking

  • Capability to works under pressure and in stressing context

  • Availability to work in double or triple shifts

  • Availability to work during bank holidays seasons

  • Availability to work on weekends

  • Availability to work abroad for long periods

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