GNSS Project Manager / Senior Engineer - Roma

Azienda: Intecs SpA
Data annuncio: 03/10/2019
Sede di lavoro: Roma
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The work will include design and analysis of radio navigation systems, with emphasis on system architecture and performance. The principal tasks and responsibilities shall cover system/sub-system requirements engineering, specifications, design, development, integration, verification, validation and qualification with an emphasis on (cyber) security and cryptography aspects.

Responsibilities / Duties
The key tasks and responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:
- Definition and evaluation of system design concepts;
- Definition of GALILEO system and segment requirements, interacting with system and segment experts;
- Evaluation of segment proposals;
- Support to Procurement, Development, Integration, Validation of System Security Tools validating the Navigation System Concept;
- Supporting technology developments ( signal generators and receivers) in preparation of test bench;
- Supporting the procurement of system tools ( Emulators, Test Bed) contributing to the proof of concept and experimentation;
- Participation in the overall Radio Navigation R&D roadmap, focused on cyber/security engineering aspects, with emphasis on the domains of Radio Navigation receivers and other System Verification Tools.
Qualifications / Experience

Essential Skills
- Master’s degree or higher (or equivalent) in telecommunications and signal processing or electronic engineering, or cyber/security engineering, as well as experience in these fields.
- The specialist shall in particular have at least 4 years of proven relevant experience with the GNSS and GALILEO systems.
- Strong knowledge on the design of satellite radio navigation systems, ranging and positioning techniques and technologies, including recent trends in robust PNT (anti-jamming and anti-spoofing techniques) will be an asset.
- Relevant experience with GNSS and GALILEO systems and equipment including receivers and good knowledge of Radio Navigation simulation and testing systems, including cyber security and cryptographic aspects, will be an asset.
- Familiarity with Cryptographic techniques (symmetric and asymmetric) applied to authentication and encryption in navigation systems is highly relevant.

Soft skills
- Proficient in the English language (spoken and written)
- Candidate must be able to manage and coordinate complex technical discussions with diverse groups to achieve target goals within a compressed time.
- Very good organisation and communication skills, a proactive attitude to solving problems and an interest in innovative technologies
- Good Leadership

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