Finance Assistant (Accountant)

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Azienda: Adecco Italia Spa
Data annuncio: 22/05/2021
Sede di lavoro: Roma
Adecco Italia SpA, is looking for a Finance Assistant (Accountant) with specific background in Public Administration.
The profile will be responsible for the following tasks under the supervision of the Coordinator:
•Advise the Cabinet of the Office on financial and administrative processes related to the quality management of the first line reception system
•Support the Cabinet of the Head of Office to monitor expenditures and contracts related to first line reception assistance and related services, also in the framework of the current pandemic situation
•Support relevant office in the supervision and financial control of expenditures of reception facilities at local level
•Support in the establishment and document systems and procedures for adequate administrative and financial management of expenditures in first line reception facilities
•Support the relevant offices in developing financial planning documents and reports and archive administrative and accounting information related to the management of first line reception system through the use of relevant software
•Support the Office in communication flows with public bodies and other relevant stakeholders regarding economic and financial matters in the relevant area of activity
•Ensuring the smooth running of the administrative and accounting procedures concerning reception centres
•Organise and maintain paper and electronic files and update relevant reports
•Perform any other duties in the interest of the service


1.Secondary and post-secondary studies in Finance, Economics, Business administration and/or Management
2.Previous professional experience in similar tasks of at least 1 year
3.Have excellent knowledge of MS Office suite, in particular Excel
4.Possess a thorough knowledge of both Italian and English

1.Have excellent knowledge of MS Office suite
2.Proven experience in reviewing and controlling budgets and related tasks
3.Proven work experience in a Public Administration

Available for a full-time fixed- term contract through Adecco for 3 months (renewable). Gross monthly salary 3043€ (for 14 months).

Categoria Professionale: Finanza / Contabilità


Città: Roma (Roma)

Esperienza lavorativa:
  • addetto alla contabilità generale - 12 mesi

  • Laurea Magistrale - Economico / Giuridico - Economia Aziendale
  • Laurea Magistrale - Economico / Giuridico - Economia e Commercio

Conoscenze linguistiche:
  • Parlato: Ottimo
  • Scritto: Ottimo
  • Comprensione: Ottimo

Competenze richieste:
  • Contabilità - Contabilità generale
  • Contabilità - Fatturazione
  • Contabilità - Contabilità Analitica
  • Word Processor - Elaborazione testi - Word, livello Ottimo
  • Fogli di calcolo / elettronici - Excel, livello Ottimo
  • Grafici e Presentazioni - MS Powerpoint, livello Ottimo
  • Posta elettronica/Messaggistica - Outlook, livello Ottimo

  • B

Disponibilità oraria:
  • Full Time

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