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Data annuncio: 14/10/2018
Sede di lavoro: Roma
Consitalia produces intelligent systems in different fields of application: from large cloud based systems able to take complex decisions by processing big amount of data, to embedded systems where performances are essential to create value. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence is one of the most exciting areas in Computer Science. Therefore, the Company is looking for people who can grow, think, dream and create. It's all about each person bringing skills and passion to a challenging and constantly evolving environment.

Consitalia's Data Scientist loves modeling and writing code. We are looking for someone who is comfortable with state of the art in probabilistic modeling, optimization techniques and machine learning architectures, but she should also think in terms of the related software solutions and its efficiency. The role will focus on: developing production models to understand and predict very complex time series, and, based on such models, creating intelligent strategies to control various processes.
You will be engaged to solve complex business problems with high quality intelligent algorithms working with scientists and engineers with a breadth of experiences across industry and academia, including machine learning, probability and statistics, econometrics, finance, computer vision. You'll be expected to go deep and learn with them, as a peer.

Working closely and seamlessly with core development experts within the team
Choosing, extending and innovating data analysis solutions for various time series problems
Building model diagnostics, choice justification paradigms, testing and training approaches
Optimizing models for computing performances

Expertise in probability, statistics, numerical optimization algorithms, time series analysis, control systems
Familiarity with a broad set of data analysis and machine learning techniques (clustering, classification, prediction, filtering, detection, pattern recognition, features extraction, dimensional reduction, spectral analysis)
Experience building and deploying software solutions (writing complex software routines and systems, using and customizing third party libraries, interacting with databases)

Machine learning tools, like TensorFlow
Python and C++ programming
Big data, and big data toolset experience
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