Avionics Hardware In the Loop (HIL) Developer & Test Engineer

Azienda: Randstad Italia Spa
Data annuncio: 07/03/2022
Sede di lavoro: Roma


Randstad Italia spa, In-house division, is currently recruiting an Avionics Hardware In the Loop (HIL) Developer & Test Engineer for a customer company in the Aerospace Industry.

Our client conceives, designs, and delivers high technology solutions for satellites, payloads, equipment, systems, and services for telecommunications, observation, navigation, and exploration programs, as well as orbital Infrastructures and space transportation systems. The Rome site is a center of excellence for Earth Observation, Telecommunication, and Navigation space programs.


The “IVVQ Avionic System” unit belongs to the “Avionics & Electrical Engineering” department in the Competence Center Platform and Integration – Italy. The department is in charge of providing engineering expertise in the IVVQ Avionic system's development and test area. It is also part of the Attitude and Orbit Control test, at the System, Platform, Sub-System, and Unit levels.

The department's duties include the following main activities:

  • Participating, with no design authority, in the study, sizing, modeling, and analytical testing phases of AOCS, and DHC solutions.

  • Studying the technical documentation required to substantiate and fuel the production, integration, and verification phases of AOCS/DHC solutions.

  • Supporting Customers and Interfacing Facilities, in conjunction with the System, hence ensuring the correct technical inputs to identify the AOCS, DHC, FDIR test campaigns and manage them throughout their lifecycle.

  • Following from a technical standpoint the procurement of Avionic Units,

  • Contributing from a technical standpoint to HW and SW procurement concerning Avionic test, both at the Platform level and at the Avionic Unit level in terms of Solutions/Products.

  • Developing and executing the subsystem AIV/AIT phases and validation at the Avionics Test Bench level, including preparation and setup of the simulation environment (DSS models for real-time closed-loop testing, Hi-Fi unit models, acquisition and signal generation drivers). 

  • Supporting the AIT phases and validation of avionics solutions at the system/platform level, including such operations as launch campaigns, LEOPs, on-orbit testing, and on-orbit maintenance

  • Contributing to REX processes in collaboration with other CC branches and other CCs.

The postholder will assist in all the different designing steps of the Avionics Hardware In the Loop (HIL) test environment, including the subsequent phases for Integration, Verification, Validation and Qualification of Satellite Avionics testing, starting from the initial test design phase and test sequence implementation, up to the test execution and final test report/documentation preparation and reviews with customer. The position also encompasses the design, implementation of Avionic and Spacecraft Platform Models.

The proposed job will imply the following duties:

  • to support HW units specification and technical management of related procurement

  • to study/understand the design provided by AOCS/DHC Design Authority to develop a verification and testing approach

  • To develop and write test sequences for AOCS, DHC, FDIR aspects

  • To execute the AOCS/DHC/FDIR test and to write the relevant Test Reports

  • Avionics V&V activity at Avionic Test Bench (ATB) level

  • To develop the Dynamics Simulation SW (DSS) for ATB and to execute the functional test on AVS Units

  • AVS special verification facilities Requirements Specification and procurement technical monitoring (e.g. STT EGSE and GNSS EGSE)


The ideal candidate has a Master's Degree in Electrical/Computer/Control Engineering, with a specific focus on programming, Hardware In the Loop Testing, and Control Systems Engineering. The applicant has also a good English level.

The main skills required for the position are as follow:

  • Knowledge of real/no-real time test environment (for Hardware In the Loop HIL Testing)

  • Matlab/Simulink programming

  • C/C++ programming

  • Knowledge of kinematics and dynamics of rigid bodies

  • Ability to work with instruments of laboratory oscilloscope, multimeter, protocol analyzer

  • Ability to work on own and in a team in an international environment

  • Ability to manage the pressure associated with the assigned workload


Technical experience on Avionic EGSE elements and development on Spacecraft simulator and knowledge of quality process and procedures will be considered assets. 

The applicant also possesses:

  • Customer focused approach and proactive attitude

  • An organizational methodical approach to the work, with strong communication skills

  • The ability to manage multiple tasks at one time, and to work autonomously as well as in a team

  • Strong attitude to achieve results within time and cost constraints

  • Excellent insight and problem-solving skills


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